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110 Precinct Officers

Neighborhood Coordination Officers

NCOs - 110 Precinct

Neighborhood Coordination Officers (NCOs) from the NYPD work day in and day out–to increase police and community connectivity. The same two officers are embedded within the neighborhood to build connections with residents, help address local concerns, and keep the area safe. "The NCOs serve as liaisons between the police and the community, but also as key crime-fighters and problem-solvers in the sector," according to the NYPD.
"Most importantly, they feel a sense of belonging and responsibility that fosters a willingness to do whatever it takes to keep the neighborhood safe and secure."

Corona Youth Coordination Officers

Meet Our NCOs

A Message from Our NCOs

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NYPD 110th Precinct - Build the Block Meeting

Meet your neighborhood coordination officers, discuss your public safety concerns at the NYPD 110th Precinct's Build the Block Meeting

When: Thursday, September 16, 2021 @5:30.

Where: V.F.W Post # 150 - 51-11 108th Street, Corona 


Police Officer



Police Officer


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Police Officer

Stay in Touch with the 110 Precinct

Click on the pictures below to see the 110 precinct social media. 

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