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Writing Activity is due: Monday, March 25, 2024


1st Grade

2nd Grade

Literature through the Arts Activity is due: Wednesday, May 1, 2024

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Take our Charlotte's Web Challenge!
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               Dive into a treasure trove of resources curated just for you and your child to enhance comprehension while enjoying this timeless story. Explore engaging activities, discussion prompts, and educational materials designed to foster a deeper understanding of the story's themes and characters. From interactive games to thought-provoking worksheets, these resources offer endless opportunities for bonding and learning. 
               Join us as we embark on this literary adventure together, where imagination knows no bounds and learning is a joyous experience!

                Sumérgete en un tesoro de recursos seleccionados solo para ti y tu hijo para mejorar la comprensión mientras disfrutas de esta historia eterna. Explore actividades interesantes, temas de debate y materiales educativos diseñados para fomentar una comprensión más profunda de los temas y personajes de la historia. Desde juegos interactivos hasta hojas de trabajo que invitan a la reflexión, estos recursos ofrecen infinitas oportunidades para establecer vínculos y aprender.

               ¡Únase a nosotros mientras nos embarcamos juntos en esta aventura literaria, donde la imaginación no conoce límites y el aprendizaje es una experiencia alegre!

深入研究专门为您和您的孩子精心策划的资源宝库,在享受这个永恒故事的同时增强理解力。 探索引人入胜的活动、讨论提示和教育材料,旨在加深对故事主题和人物的理解。 从互动游戏到发人深省的工作表,这些资源提供了无限的联系和学习机会。





Scholastic Books Website:

Vocabulary Words Activities:

Vocabulary Chapters 1-3


Vocabulary Chapters 4-6

Vocabulary Chapters 7-9

Vocabulary Chapters 10-12

Vocabulary Chapters 13-15

Vocabulary Chapters 16-18

Vocabulary Chapters 19-22

Hangman Games:

Charlotte's Web Character Hangman

Chapter 1 Before Breakfast Hangman

Chapter 2 Wilbur Hangman

Chapter 3 Escape Hangman

Chapter 4 Loneliness Hangman

Chapter 5 Charlotte Hangman

Chapter 6 Summer Days

Chapter 7 & 8 Bad News & A Talk at Home

Chapter 9 Wilbur's Boast

Chapter 10-12 An Explosion, The Miracle, & A Meeting

Charlotte's Web Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?


Word Search Puzzle

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Have fun exploring!


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